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Immigration Attorney

Camyla Hernandez-Meneses

My name is Camyla Hernandez-Meneses and I am an attorney at Quintero Fortich Legal. I immigrated from Venezuela with my Venezuelan mother and Dominican father in 1999. When we arrived in Florida it was just us three with no family, no connections, and no familiarity with the English language. Through these difficult times, I learned the resilience and strength immigrants display by watching my own parents leave behind their families, careers, and established lives in search of a better future for me.

Orlando Immigration Attorney

A little more about me…

Both of my parents had Doctorates in their respective fields however they came here and began working every job possible to ensure a source of income for our family. These jobs varied from cleaning gyms and hotels, selling flowers and coffee, wrapping gifts during Christmas time, and many more. I watched my parents scrape every dollar together to ensure I had everything I needed and to begin paying Immigration attorneys so that we could begin the transition to becoming citizens of the United States. I was fueled by inspiration from my hard-working immigrant parents and my passion to help others similarly situated from having negative attorney experiences that may impact their abilities to stay here and create a better future for themselves. I am so thankful and proud to have the opportunity to help ease the immigration process for people in my community. I look forward to working alongside you and your loved ones to make the immigration process as smooth as possible.

They have already lived the Quintero Fortich Legal experience!

"Best law firm in town. These attorneys are always available, they’re ready to answer any questions and most importantly they’re on top of everything. They’re also bilingual which has helped me all through my cases. I recommend them 100%"

Giselle Gaytan

"When you need someone who really cares about your case, this is the right person to call. Great effort and communication, also a great person. Thank you so much!"

Edgar Gaytan

"Isabella Fortich is the best immigration lawyer I ever met. I had a great experience with .She was very efficient, detailed oriented and highly professional. I highly recommend her for anyone who is facing immigration issues."

Nazly Montano

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