Deportation Proceedings

Our firm is dedicated to passionately protecting the rights of our clients. As immigrant attorneys, we aim to defend our clients’ rights, stop unjust deportations, and combat immigration attempts at deportations of foreign nationals by pursuing all immediate available legal remedies before the immigration judge. Our firm will thoroughly review the charging document known as the Notice to Appear to determine that removal proceedings were properly initiated.

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Relief from Deportation or Removal

There exists relief from removal or deportation. Our firm evaluates the factual scenario to determine the best strategy to proceed.
When an immigrant is properly subject to deportation or removal, eligibility for relief from deportation or removal may be available in the forms of waivers of deportation or other forms of discretionary and/or mandatory relief. Some of these forms of deportation relief include but are not limited to:

  • Cancellation of deportation or removal (for green card holders and non-green card holders)
  • Waivers of removability pursuant to former INA § 212(c)
  • Waivers of removability pursuant to INA § 212(h) and INA § 212(i)
  • Political asylum, withholding of removal, and Article 3 of the Convention Against Torture
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Review of removal of conditions
  • Voluntary departure
Reasons for being placed on deportation or removal proceedings:

Foreign nationals who are not in the United States in legal status or whose legal status is threatened because of an unauthorized act may be placed on removal proceedings. Many criminal acts result in the initiation of removal proceedings. Criminal acts often have severe immigration consequences, and it is critical to retain the most qualified attorney to assist in defending from removal.

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