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Quintero Fortich Legal: A Lifetime for a Venezuelan Client Facing Deportation

Written by Laura Quintero

July 1, 2024

Navigating the complex world of U.S. immigration can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the legal system. This was the unfortunate reality for a Venezuelan client who recently sought help from Quintero Fortich Legal after being ordered deported for missing his first immigration court hearing. The outcome of his case is a testament to the vital role legal representation plays in immigration matters.

The Venezuelan client, who had recently arrived in the United States, sought assistance with his immigration paperwork. Unaware of the complexities involved, he opted to work with a document preparer instead of hiring an attorney. As a result, he missed critical information about his court hearing. He was unaware that he needed to check the online Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) court system for updates and expected a Notice to Appear (NTA) to be mailed to him.

However, due to administrative errors or a simple oversight, the NTA never reached his home address. The client was unaware of the court date and subsequently failed to appear. As a result, he was ordered removed (deported) from the United States.

After discovering the deportation order, the client turned to Quintero Fortich Legal for help. The firm’s attorneys quickly realized that the client had not received proper notice of his court hearing, giving them grounds to challenge the deportation order.

Through diligent research, thorough case preparation, and expert legal arguments, Quintero Fortich Legal successfully filed a motion to reopen the client’s case. The attorneys presented compelling evidence that the client had not received the NTA and that the failure to appear was not his fault. Furthermore, they highlighted the importance of ensuring due process in immigration cases, stressing that deportation should not be based on administrative errors or miscommunication.

The success of Quintero Fortich Legal in reopening the client’s case underscores the significance of legal representation in immigration matters. For many reasons having a qualified immigration attorney can positively affect the outcome of a case. Immigration laws and procedures are complex and subject to change. Immigration attorneys have the expertise to navigate these complexities and ensure all legal requirements are met. At Quintero Fortich Legal, we monitor case developments, check online systems for updates, and ensure that clients meet all deadlines and requirements. We offer personalized advice, guiding clients through the immigration process and helping them understand their rights and obligations.

The outcome of this case is a reminder of the importance of proper legal representation in immigration matters. The client can now present his case with the assistance of experienced attorneys, increasing his chances of a favorable outcome. Quintero Fortich Legal’s successful intervention not only saved the client from unjust deportation but also emphasized the critical role legal representation plays in safeguarding immigrants’ rights.

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